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Core Values

Mirza Textile aims to be the trusted, respected partner in providing the highest quality products and the most innovative designs working to respect all stakeholders including its highly qualified work force. Sustainable growth is achieved through universal standards upheld while satisfying business partners and customers like supported by our most important asset, our esteemed workforce.

Remaining open with all communication channels, always disciplined and highly respecting human rights and nature at least as much as our customers and socially conscious organizations in order to be well-meaning and open to criticism.

Corporate Ethics

Mirza Textile has a non-discrimination policy where no ethnicity, gender, beliefs or age will be basis for selection and or working relations within employees or potential employees or with outside persons, service providers or customers. We confirm to abide by the said rules of non-discrimination and specifically with regard to rights of typically neglected in some surroundings, minorities, disabled individuals, women and children and abide by the workers’ rights as defined at the highest level, and similarly child labor or forced labor standards and we shall uphold local laws and beyond in satisfaction of the highest level ethical standards and exceed the International Labor standards where ever and however we can.