Our quality policy in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 standard;to produce Quality by going beyond the expectations of our customers and creating a “Zero Error” culture in all our personnel with on-site control based on Total Quality Management in all our processes. In this context;

Our company implements the process-based quality management system to increase customer satisfaction, reviews the effectiveness of the system and provides the necessary resources for its continuous improvement.

It provides the necessary opportunities for the continuous improvement of quality and the production of the final product and service in accordance with the definition of quality, for all personnel to continue their training activities and to participate in quality team works.

While carrying out its activities, it acts with an awareness of its responsibility to the environment, society and the individuals.

It aims to go beyond what is desired by providing the necessary facilities to go beyond its own limits while taking the social compliance conditions of our customers.

Quality Processes at Mirza Textile

  1. Necessary tests are carried out by the fabric warehouse personnel for the fabrics coming to our company for the suitability.
  2. The fabrics prepared for production with automatic cutting machines in the slaughterhouse section are controlled by the classification staff.
  3. The manufacturing processes are checked by each person performing the production at the production site. The product is inspected on-site by placing intermediate control teams at the areas that may cause quality problems and at the ends of the product lines. In addition, general quality monitoring of the product is provided by in-line controllers responsible for the intermediate control teams and the overall quality of the product. 
  4. After the finished product is ironed to be presented to the customer in the ironing department, it is taken into control and measurement as it will be presented to the customer in the final control department. 
  5. The products coming from the last control section to the package section are put into optical control as the final control. The ones that are packaged or to be packaged are subjected to the last control here.
  6. Quality control is carried out according to the AQL system for all models in daily production by quality assurance. In case of any problem in the quality control process, the necessary measures within the scope of on-site control of the product are taken immediately by the management.
  7. All personnel involved in production are monitored daily by the traffic light system. 
  8. Quality and performance situations are monitored on an individual and band basis by the management, daily / weekly and monthly, and performance-enhancing measures are taken.